What is Designing?
Designing is a process or Art to prepare a prototype or specification for the development of an object or a system or a product.

Designing can be a sketch, wireframe done with the help of designing tools like, pencil, sketch pen on the paper and computer tools adobe photoshop, adobe Illustrator, adobe Indesign, Coral Draw, pencil, sketch, etc.


There are type of designing exist and used for many product development.

  • Web Design – This is used to create a design for web applications.
  • Graphic Design– It is used to design graphics for printing, media, products etc.
  • Animation Design – This is a process of creating animations graphics, video etc.
  • Interior Design – It is used to design Interior of house, hotels, offices etc.
  • Fashion Design – Its a process of designing dresses, clothes, footwear etc.

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